PRISMA+ Colloquium
Wednesday, 1 p.m. in Lorentz-Raum, 05-127, Staudingerweg 7


Prof. Dr. Tobias Hurth
Institut für Physik, THEP


Victoria Durant

Date & Title
Feb. 7, 2024
Prof. Dr. Martin Fertl (JGU Mainz, Institut für Physik, QUANTUM): ƬSPECT- towards a new measurement of the free neutron lifetime in a full-3D magnetic trap
Jan. 31, 2024 in MITP seminar room, Staudingerweg 9, 02-430
Noah Fleischer (LUB Mannheim): Leadership Skills: Why diversity matters
Jan. 24, 2024
Prof. Dr. Kai Schmitz (Univ. Münster): Probing New Physics at the Pulsar Timing Array Frontier
Jan. 17, 2024
Prof. Dr. Stephan Dolan (CERN, Switzerland): Neutrino Interaction Modelling for Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Jan. 10, 2024
Dr. Andrea Caputo (CERN, Switzerland): Stars and Galaxies: a Pathway to the Dark Side of Fundamental Physics
Dec. 13, 2023
Prof. Dr. Elina Fuchs (Univ. Hannover): New Physics Searches in the Spectra of Atoms and Ions
Dec. 6, 2023
Dr. Haakon Andresen (Univ. Stockholm, Sweden): Core-collapse Supernova: Current Status and Challenges for the Future
Nov. 29, 2023
Prof. Dr. Laura Lopez Honorez (Univ. Brussels, Belgium): (Non Cold) Dark Matter: at the Interface between Particle Physics & Cosmology
Nov. 22, 2023
Dr. Monica Dunford (Heidelberg Univ.): The LHC’s Microscopic View to the Macroscopic
Nov. 15, 2023
Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Carosi (Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA): Tuning into Axion Dark Matter with the ADMX Experiment
Nov. 8, 2023
Prof. Dr. Marco Serone (SISSA, Italy): Resurgence and the power of perturbation theory
Nov. 2, 2023
Robert Svoboda (UC Davis, USA): Detection of Solar and Supernova Neutrinos with the Future DUNE Experiment
Oct. 25, 2023
Prof. Dr. Jörg Jaeckel (Heidelberg Univ.): From Axion Dark Matter to Things that are not even Particles
July 19, 2023
Dr. Rodolfo Ferro-Hernandez (JGU Mainz): On the determination of Delta alpha(M_Z): comparison between methods and frameworks
July 12, 2023
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwetz (KIT Karlsruhe): Status of eV sterile neutrino oscillations and recent developments in reactor and gallium neutrino experiments
June 28, 2023
Daniel Wenz (JGU Mainz): First WIMP Search Results from the XENONnT Experiment
June 21, 2023
Prof. Dr. Marcos Marino (Geneva University, Switzerland): Resurgence and non-perturbative physics
June 14, 2023
Prof. Dr. Seyda Ipek (Carleton University, USA): New directions in baryogenesis
June 7, 2023
Dr. Alexander Gerbershagen (University of Groningen, Netherlands): Hadron therapy and the new particle therapy research center (PARTREC)
May 31, 2023
Prof. Robert Wilson (Colorado State University, USA): Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab: Physics Beyond the Standard Model
May 24, 2023
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland): Baryon asymmetry of the Universe: a window to physics beyond the Standard Model
May 17, 2023
Dr. Vera Gülpers (University of Edinburgh): Lattice QCD+QED calculations for high-precision tests of the Standard Model
May 10, 2023
Prof. Dr. Giovanni de Lellis (Naples University, Italy): The SND@LHC experiment and its first results
May 3, 2023
Dr. Ida Zadeh (JGU Mainz): Quantum gravity from conformal field theory
April 26, 2023
Prof. Dr. Ryan Mitchell (Indiana University, USA): A field guide to the mesons