Institutsseminar Kern- und Hadronenphysik
Monday, 2 p.m. in HS Kernphysik, Becherweg 45

Coordinator & contact:

Prof. Dr. Michael Ostrick
Institut für Kernphysik

Date & Title
Nov. 28, 2016
Yuping Guo (Mainz): New results from Charmonium Spectroscopy at BESIII
Nov. 7, 2016
Dmitry Khaneft (Mainz): Feasibility studies for a measurement of the time like form factors with the PANDA Experiment at FAIR
Oct. 24, 2016
Michael Distler (Mainz): Avoiding common pitfalls and misconceptions in extractions of the proton radius
July 18, 2016
Martina Erlemann (Klara Marie Faßbinder-Gastprofessorin) (TU Kaiserslautern): Ist die gläserne Decke auch ein physikalisches Phänomen? Geschlecht und Fachkultur in der Physik
July 11, 2016
Cristina Morales (Mainz): Measurement of nucleon form factors at BESIII
July 4, 2016
Victor Flambaum (University of New South Wales, Australia and JGU Fellow): Laboratory searches for the origin of dark matter: new approaches and theoretical foundations
June 27, 2016
J. Diefenbach (Mainz): Strahlenschutzunterweisung Kernphysik
June 20, 2016
Michael Gericke (University of Manitoba): The QWeak Experiment: A measurement of the proton weak charge as a search for physics beyond the Standard Model
June 13, 2016
Nadiia Krupina (Mainz): Nucleon polarizabilities from a multipole analysis of Compton scattering data
June 6, 2016
Frederik Wauters (Mainz): Muon capture experiments at PSI
May 23, 2016
Achim Denig (Mainz): The MAGIX Experiment at MESA
May 9, 2016
Hans-Werner Hammer (TU Darmstadt & EMMI): Few-Body Universality in Strong Interaction Physics
May 2, 2016
Max-Wilhelm Bruker (Mainz): Suppression of secondary electrons at the HIM electron cooler test set-up
April 25, 2016
Jacobo Ruiz de Elvira (HISKP Bonn): Roy-Steiner-equation analysis of pion-nucleon scattering
April 18, 2016
Jiayu Hua (Mainz): Nucleon form factors in lattice QCD
Feb. 1, 2016
Malte Wilfert (Mainz): Longitudinale Spinphysik bei COMPASS
Jan. 25, 2016
Zhiqing Lui (Mainz): XYZ particles at the BESIII experiment
Jan. 18, 2016
Stephan Aulenbacher (Mainz): Developement of the internal target for MAGIX
Jan. 11, 2016
Maxwell Hansen (Mainz): Formalism for studying three-particle resonances with Lattice QCD
Dec. 14, 2015
Giulia Casarosa (INFN-Pisa): The future of Charm physics at high-luminosity machines
Dec. 7, 2015
Vadim Guzey (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina): The gluon distributions in the proton and nuclei at small x from photoproduction of charmonia in ultraperipheral collisions at the LHC
Nov. 30, 2015
Patrik Adlarson (Mainz): Study of eta and eta' decays with the Crystal Ball
Nov. 23, 2015
Evgeni Maev (PNPI, Gatchina): Measurement of the proton polarisabilities at MESA. A new experimental method for the investigation of nucleon polarizabilities.
Nov. 16, 2015
Florian Hug (Mainz): Energy spread and beam stability in recirculating electron linacs
Nov. 9, 2015
Jeremy Green (Mainz): Studies of the H dibaryon using lattice QCD