PRISMA+ Colloquium

Oct. 9, 2017 at 1 p.m. in Hörsaal der KPH, J.-J.-Becherweg 45

Prof. Dr. Tobias Hurth
Institut für Physik, THEP

Note: Sondertermin/raum

IceCube: Building a New Window on the Universe from Antarctica
Professor Francis Halzen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The IceCube project has transformed a cubic kilometer of natural Antarctic ice into a neutrino detector. The instrument detects more than 100,000 neutrinos per year in the GeV to PeV energy range. Among those, we have isolated a flux of high-energy cosmic neutrinos. I will discuss the latest measurements of the cosmic neutrino flux and their implications for its possible origin(s). From the large cosmic flux observed, we conclude that the energy density of neutrinos in the extreme Universe is similar to that of photons. It is therefore evident that the prospects for neutrino astronomy are exceptional and the case for building next-generation neutrino telescopes compelling.