Seminar über Quanten-, Atom- und Neutronenphysik (QUANTUM)

July 6, 2023 at 2 p.m. in IPH Lorentzraum 05-127

Prof. Dr. Peter van Loock
Institut für Physik

Dr. Lars von der Wense
Institut für Physik

Precision experiments with two-ion (unbalanced) Coulomb crystals in a Penning trap: towards measurements with quantum-based protocols
Prof. Dr. Daniel Rodriguez (Universidad de Granada)

Penning traps are used to perform motional-frequency measurements to deliver the most precise and accurate cyclotron-frequency values of many atomic/molecular ions and charged (anti)particles. By applying laser cooling, it is possible to better control those effects arising from deviations of the Penning trap from the ideal configuration. Since laser cooling can be only performed on a few ion species, a single laser-cooled (auxiliary) ion can be used to cool the target ion, forming an ordered structure along the magnetic-field axis of the Penning trap.

At the University of Granada, we have built a 7-T Penning-trap platform and generated the (unbalanced) Coulomb crystals 42Ca+-40Ca+, 232Th+ -40Ca+ and 232ThO+-40Ca+, establishing the basis to perform quantum Penning-trap mass spectrometry and with prospects to explore laser-spectroscopy. In this talk, I will present the first Penning-trap eigenfrequency measurements using two-ion Coulomb crystals, from the detection of fluorescence photons, and will show the work carried out towards the final goal in our lab, including the recent upgrade of the laboratory after the installation of a new cryogen-free magnet.