Physikalisches Kolloquium

May 11, 2021 at 4:15 p.m. only via Recording of the presentation

Prof. Dr. Hans Jockers
Institut für Physik

Prof. Dr. Concettina Sfienti
Institut für Kernphysik

The Einstein-Telescope
Achim Stahl (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Gravitational waves opened a new window into the universe. The current generation of gravitational wave detectors
demonstrated the existence of gravitational waves and made a number of highly interesting discoveries. In parallel with
their operation we are developing a new generation of telescopes with a sensitivity goes beyond the final sensitivity
of the current telescopes by at least an order of magnitude. The Einstein Telescope will be the European project of the
new generation. After an introduction of gravitational waves and a few highlights from the current observation runs,
I will discuss the perspectives and technologies necessary to improve their performance. I will introduce the Einstein
Telescope and present a few example of the science we might expect