Seminar über Quanten-, Atom- und Neutronenphysik (QUANTUM)

Jan. 10, 2019 at 11 a.m. in Medienraum (03-431) des Instituts für Physik, Staudingerweg 7

Prof. Dr. Peter van Loock
Institut für Physik

Dr. Lars von der Wense
Institut für Physik

Note: Sondertermin und -raum

Development and characterization of a transportable aluminum ion quantum logic optical clock setup
Dr. Stephan Hannig (PTB Braunschweig)

Transportable optical clocks allow for chronometric leveling between distant locations which are not connected by a direct line of sight but via length stabilized optical fiber. Moreover, they facilitate frequency comparisons between distant stationary clocks via subsequent side-by-side comparisons without the necessity of a long-range fiber connection. 27Al+ has one of the smallest blackbody radiation shifts, small linear and quadratic Zeeman shifts and a negligible quadrupole shift, which makes it a candidate for a highly accurate optical clock. This talk reports on a transportable Al+ optical clock setup with an estimated apparatus-related systematic fractional frequency uncertainty in the 10^-18 range, which paves the way towards chronometric levelling with few cm resolution.