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Dec. 8, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. in THEP Social Room

Riccardo Bartocci
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Prisco Lo Chiatto
Institut für Physik, THEP

Nicklas Ramberg
Institut für Physik, THEP

Miroslava Mosso Rojas
Institut für Physik, THEP

Pizza & Physics at Lunchtime

Note: THEP Social Room

A new production mechanism for sterile neutrinos
Sven Baumholzer (JGU Mainz)

In this talk, I will give an overview of the work I have done so far for my master thesis. I will present a new model for production of sterile neutrinos. In fact it is based on the Scotogenic model which enhances the SM with a second Higgs Doublet and three neutrinos which are singlets under the SM gauge group. Additionally a Z2 symmetry is proposed which stabilizes the lightest neutrino and prevents mixing between the two Higgs doublets.
The mass of the lightest neutrino is chosen to be O(keV) to have a candidate for WDM, while the masses of the other neutrinos and the new scalars are around TeV scale. With this configuration it is possible to explain not only DM relic density via Freeze In of the lightest neutrino, but also the masses of the active neutrino sector via a radiative mass generation.
Furthermore I will briefly discuss some possible extensions of our model which we want to explore in the near future.